CTIA Joins the #RecipeForDisaster initiative in fighting food waste


CTIA Joins the #RecipeForDisaster global initiative in fighting food waste. Food waste is a #RecipeForDisaster. There is enough food to feed the world’s 7 billion people. But still, one in nine people go to bed on an empty stomach each night. It is estimated that a third of all food produced goes to waste each year.

The World Food Programme’s #RecipeForDisaster movement seeks to spotlight the issue of food waste, and find simple solutions to tackle it. CTIA is ideally positioned to create awareness of this challenge, and prioritises the reduction of food waste among staff and students and across all its programmes and activities.

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How the World Food Programme works to address food waste

In some parts of the world, food is wasted because we produce or buy more than we can eat. In other parts of the world food is lost during harvesting, transport and production. WFP helps smallholder farmers get their food to the people who need it most, providing new technologies for storage and transportation that prevent crops from spoiling prematurely and connecting them with markets.

Creating your own recipe for disaster is simple:

  1. Open your fridge and grab any ingredients that are close to their “use by date”
  2. Create a meal using those ingredients (and any others you may need to create your dish)
  3. Share your video or pictures using #RecipeForDisaster and nominate three friends to create their own by tagging them.
  4. Make a donation to WFP and help us reach our target of Zero Hunger by 2030.

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