How much does chef school cost in South Africa?

The Culinary Industry is Growing Rapidly

We are living in a celebrity chef era, and with both the the culinary and hospitality industry becoming more popular, there is an increase in the number of students who are considering a career in culinary arts. The food service industry is growing rapidly, and Culinary professionals are in great demand. Studying Culinary Arts is important since students acquire the necessary skills to start working in this challenging field.

But How Much Does Chef School Cost?

Most importantly one needs to ensure they choose the right culinary school. One that ensures a strong foundation that will stand you in good stead as you enter and progress in this industry. Chefs Training and Innovation Academy offers some of the best culinary programmes in South Africa, recognised both locally, and internationally.

Course fees vary depending on the type of course chosen as well as duration.
Find out the fees for each of CTIA’s in-depth courses by following the course link below and finding the download fees button on each course page.

Payment Options

Payment plans are designed to suit individual financial needs and requirements, and to make things as convenient as possible.

  • CASH

To read more about our payment plan options and to find out what is included and excluded in our fees read more here.

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