Live Your Dream and Achieve Success like Many of Our CTIA Alumni Students

The hospitality industry is one of South Africa’s strongest pillars of tourism, which is why we always get excited when we hear about one of our alumni being recognised for their culinary talent. We are one of the leading internationally accredited culinary academies in South Africa and have the largest national footprint with campuses in Centurion, Durban, and Stellenbosch. Today, our alumni chefs can be found all over the world.

While many of our students have gone on to work in some of the top restaurants worldwide, many other graduates have earned recognition as food bloggers and food stylists, and some have even gone on to manage or open their very own restaurants. There are so many bright and talented students to be proud of, but right now, the spotlight is on Dalise Stynfaard from the Western Cape.

Each year, The Table Bay Hotel hosts a prestigious culinary contest, the Cape Legends Inter Hotel Challenge – also known as “The Oscars” of the hospitality industry in South Africa. The Table Bay Hotel selected aspiring pastry chef, Dalise Stynfaard, to join the team of four that represented the hotel in the prestigious challenge. The other participants that represented The Table Bay Hotel in the challenge were Jonathon Wakefield (Sommelier candidate), Kurt De Wet, (Sous candidate), and Bradley Solomons (Concierge candidate).

Sponsored by Cape Legends fine wines, Cape Legends Inter Hotel Challenge is a platform for encouraging development, highlighting talent and expertise, and awarding graduates the opportunity to stand out and be noticed. This year, Dalise Stynfaard and her three team members will participate in several workshops in the lead up to the Western Cape Regional Finals, where they will compete against teams from other prestigious hotels in June.

Dalise Stynfaard is excited to be participating in this challenge and is looking forward to embracing every experience that comes her way. With the belief that she was born to be a pastry chef, Dalise is hungry to learn, network, and share her ideas with other passionate, like-minded graduates.

It’s true that every success story begins with a dream, and becoming a pastry chef is a dream that can easily be achieved – Dalise Stynfaard is proof of this. All you need is passion, drive, creativity, determination, and an internationally recognised City & Guilds patisserie diploma from a highly esteemed academy, and you will be well on your way to living your dream, like many of our alumni students.

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