Turn Your Hobby into a Flourishing Business with the Baking Courses at CTIA


While it’s true that many industries are struggling, new growth in the patisserie industry is on the rise. More and more people are discovering the pleasures of home baking. But, wouldn’t it be nice to turn that hobby into a flourishing home-based business? You can easily do it!


A diverse, lucrative industry where you don’t need a university degree to get started—not only is baking financially rewarding, but it’s also a creative, fun, and challenging discipline where you get to use your talents and showcase your creations. But, just like every other business, starting one can be tough to do. Not only is it super competitive, but it’s also demanding and stressful. Should you do it right, your business has the potential to be a huge success, which is exactly why professional baking courses are recommended.


We Offer a Passport to a Sweet and Rewarding Career


There is a handful of great business opportunities, but if you’re passionate about fondant, crème brûlée, and pastries, then there’s no better choice than enrolling in one of our baking courses at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy. We offer a platform where aspiring bakers can become successful patisserie entrepreneurs. Our courses include the following:


  • 12-Month Professional Pastry Programme – This course offers everything required to master and succeed in this competitive industry. It teaches students about different pastries and how to prepare various types of dough, cakes, artisanal bread, meringues, jams, and desserts in large quantities. The course also covers recipe development, sugar art, decorative media, costing, packaging, storing, and health and safety. While this 12-month course also includes industry placement, once completed, you will be ready to establish your own business or manage a baking operation.


  • 2-Month CTIA Innovation in Pastry Programme – This is an intensive, hands-on course that teaches all the right skills required to run a successful pastry or catering business. You will learn the basics of baking, ingredients and their functions, the essential techniques of cakes and chocolate, step-by-step dough preparation, decorating cakes by hand, fundamentals of commercial baking, and the key ratios and methods that allow you to go beyond set recipes to create your very own.


With three campuses – in Centurion, Durban, and Cape Town – there’s no reason to hold back on achieving your dream of opening your very own bakery or catering business. To find out more about our baking courses, chat with us today.

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