18 Valuable Lessons You Will Learn at Culinary School


The chef industry is booming, with many creative foodies chasing the dream of owning their own business, working at Michelin-starred restaurants, or whipping up gastronomic works of art on television or YouTube. The culinary arts offer a wealth of opportunities. But first, you need to earn your title – and that starts at culinary school. Here are 18 valuable lessons you’ll learn:


  1. A classic culinary foundation
  2. Advanced cooking techniques
  3. Charcuterie – pâtés, terrines, and preserving meat
  4. Chocolate, candy, and sugar art
  5. Fish and meat cookery, and some butchering
  6. Garde manger and the storing of cold foods
  7. Nutrition and health and safety
  8. Inventory, preparation, and plating techniques
  9. Knife skills – cutting, chopping, carving, and dicing.
  10. Mise en place
  11. Pastries, artisan bread-baking and artisanal cheese making
  12. Practical service (both front and back of house)
  13. Recipe conversions
  14. Restaurant math – menu pricing, food cost, labour costs, and utilities
  15. Sustainable food – farm to table
  16. Time and people management
  17. Wedding cake and fondant carving
  18. Wine-pairing


Live Your Dream Career with Chefs Training & Innovation Academy


There are many lucrative and exciting careers out there, but if you’re creative, passionate about food, love travel, and are hungry to make good money, then the culinary arts is a great career choice, and Chefs Training & Innovation Academy is the perfect school to get your training from. We provide a platform where aspiring foodies get turned into successful chefs and entrepreneurs, and offer a variety of City & Guilds internationally and QCTO locally accredited cooking courses, such as:


  • 36-Month Occupational Certificate Chef
  • 18-Month Professional Culinary Arts and Patisserie Programme
  • 12-Month Professional Pastry Programme
  • 12-Month Professional Culinary Arts Programme
  • 6-Month Foundation Programme in Professional Cooking


In addition to our cooking courses, we also provide hospitality courses at our culinary school. These include:


  • 6-Month CTH Level 3 Foundation Programme in Hospitality Management
  • 12-Month CTH Level 4 Intermediate Programme in Hospitality Management
  • 18-Month Combination Programme in Hospitality Management


Culinary school is all about being hands-on. The lessons you learn and the skills you develop as you train to be a chef are vital for your future success in the culinary world. Our culinary school ensures that all students get the best training and are given the opportunity to do paid internships in Europe or abroad or launch a career in South Africa.  Contact us to find out more about the courses that we offer.

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