Professional Patisserie Courses That Can Turn You into a World-Class Pastry Chef

Done with all those unoriginal “Betty Crocker” pastry recipes? Do you want to learn the secrets of Pierre Hermé, the “Picasso” of pastries, or Jessica Préalpato, a French pastry chef recently crowned as the World’s Best Pastry Chef 2019?

A pastry chef is both an artisan and artist in the true sense of the word. With precision and artistic flair, pastry chefs specialise in developing and making pastries, cakes, confectionery, chocolates, and petite fours. As the most important role in any full-service kitchen, having a unique creative flair as a pastry chef can kick start your career and get you noticed. But this is a tough, challenging and demanding career. It’s not all fondant, souffles and crème brûlée.

Pastry chefs are expected to deal with an extensive range of responsibilities, from mastering French Classic confectionaries and their own secret recipes to learning about presentation and preparation to build relationships with customers. Pastry chefs are also required to oversee their own kitchen, as well as manage staff, stock, orders, and inventories.

Creating mouth-watering delicacies that appeal to the eye and palate is an art and science, and those who have the right training will not only know how to create magic but will also enjoy an exciting and lucrative career. Competition, however, can be fierce, and while there are several chef schools in South Africa that offer professional patisserie courses, you need to enrol in one of the professional patisserie courses at CTIA in Stellenbosch, Centurion, Durban, or White River if you want to be the best.

As an elite and influential Culinary Arts Academy of Excellence, we offer a platform where aspiring foodies and bakers turn into successful, sought-after patisserie chefs. Offering a complete culinary education following unique and dynamic teaching methods – equipping graduates with excellence, refinement and savoir-faire – our professional patisserie courses highlight the essential flavours and technical mastery to create true works of art.

The pastry industry is witnessing a formidable boom in the international scene. And once you’ve achieved a City & Guilds international qualification from CTIA, you will be confident, knowledgeable and qualified to work in any hotel, restaurant, cruise liner, super-luxury yacht, or resort anywhere around the globe.

Whatever your reason for wanting to pursue a career as a patisserie, make sure you enrol in one of the City & Guilds professional patisserie courses at our Chefs Training & Innovation Academy. With a qualification that tells people you have been educated by one of the best, an exciting career as a world-class patisserie chef will be easy to find.

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