Complete Courses in Hospitality Management to Turn You into an Employable Graduate

Are you energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about people and travel? If you are, you should consider courses in hospitality management. Even though most people consider the chef as being the centrepiece of the culinary and hospitality industry, a future in hospitality doesn’t have to mean a career in the kitchen.

Your Career Options Are Many

One good reason to study hospitality management is that it offers great career opportunities for anyone looking to get involved in the world of service, travel, and tourism. As one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, offering exciting careers that pay well, the hospitality industry can lead you to become a pastry or executive chef, flight attendant, sommelier, food and beverage director, director of housekeeping, marketing executive, conference centre manager, customer service manager, events manager, or hotel and restaurant manager.

Although the hospitality industry is exciting and lucrative, this is an industry that requires a high level of cultural awareness, a customer service mindset, strong communication skills, the capability to multitask, and the ability to be flexible and make sensible decisions. It is a highly competitive industry, so if you want to enter the industry as a highly employable graduate, you should enrol with us at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy.

We Have Schools in Cape Town, Durban, Centurion, and Mpumalanga

We are one of the finest City & Guilds accredited academies in South Africa with schools in Cape Town, Durban, Centurion, and Mpumalanga. We offer the following programmes.

  • 6-Month CTH Level 3 Foundation Programme in Hospitality Management 

Our Level 3 Foundation Programme provides a firm introduction to the essential skills required for entering the tourism and hospitality industry. Over the course of 6 months, the programme will cover business management, human resources, people management, brand awareness, marketing, and customer service.

  • 12-Month CTH Level 4 Combination Programme in Hospitality Management

Consisting of restaurants, resorts, hotels, craft boutiques, and food manufacturers, the world of hospitality requires organised purchasing, ingredient sourcing, price negotiation, marketing, accounting, and staff management. For students looking to enter the industry as a highly employable graduate, our 12-month Combination Programme covers the financial fundamentals of running a service-orientated business and food and beverage operation. 

  • 18-Month CTH Combination Programme in Hospitality Management

Developed for students interested in more than one of our courses, our 18-month programme includes the CTH Level 3 Foundation Programme and the CTH Level 4 Intermediate Programme in Hospitality Management. This internationally accredited programme will fast-track your way to a working job.

Contact us today – our 2020 enrolments are now open.

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