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CTIA’s dedicated Training Support Services (TSS) is there to support the student throughout their time at CTIA from an administration point of view.  The TSS is responsible for all correspondence between students, parents and the Campus, such as monthly reports, industry related information, information on excursions and more.  TSS is also the liaison between the student and the industry partner and will make sure that industry placements are as stress free as possible.

So basically, the TSS is the corresponding person between the Campus, student and parent and all administration is handled by TSS.

We’re dedicated to providing ongoing support to our students. It’s why we have a free WhatsApp line for all your student queries or concerns. Alternatively, you can send a WhatsApp message directly to your career consultant for advice.

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CTIA Mpumalanga Campus offers accommodation to students on the campus premises. There are limited rooms available and it is essential to book your room with the career consultant in advance.
CTIA Centurion, Cape Town and Durban do not offer accommodation on the premises, but we are able to assist students in finding nearby accommodation for the duration of their chosen programme. CTIA has agreements with several establishments offering accommodation exclusively to our students.

Please note that student accommodation is limited due to the high demand, and you will need to apply well in advance. Once accommodation has been confirmed, all payment and related arrangements are between the student/guarantor/financier and the establishment; and not CTIA. Please speak to your career consultant if you intend to make use of student accommodation.

Accommodation Fees

Please select the campus that you are interested in below is a list of nearby student accommodation with rates: