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Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Unlock Limitless Management Opportunities with Our Advanced Programme in Hospitality

Hospitality management is an ever-growing field that offers superb job opportunities for school-leavers and career-changers alike. It’s a sector that can take you anywhere in the world and open doors to interesting people, fascinating cultures, and fulfilling work environments. If you are looking to venture out into a horizon of endless possibilities, this is the industry for you. For those who wish to further their studies in hospitality management and are seeking an advanced course to provide in-depth knowledge and training in the field, our Advanced Programme in Hospitality is unmatched.

Who Can Enrol in This World-class Programme?

This course is specifically set up for students seeking advanced training. Entrants, therefore, must have already completed the CTH Level 4 Undergraduate Programme in Hospitality & Tourism or an NQF Level 5 Higher Certificate in Hospitality. We also welcome students with evidence of at least four years of work experience in the industry, including two years at a supervisory or management level. These students should have successfully completed their secondary education, preferably along with achieving a post-secondary school qualification in any subject.

hospitality-managementWhat Does the Programme Entail?

The programme provides students with training in the managerial, decision-making, and leadership aspects of the industry. It also equips students with skills in independent research and study needed while working at a senior managerial level. At its core, the programme is a career booster that finetunes specialised expertise and can be used to enrol in a final year bachelor’s degree at the University of Derby, or other institutions available on the CTH website. It is an E-learning programme that lasts 12 months and is made up of two semesters.

What Are Entrants Required to Have?

Entrants who enrol in the course must have proficiency in the English language, as well as access to a laptop, personal computer, or tablet with Microsoft Office, email, and PDF-viewing software capabilities. Access to a scanner and a stable internet connection is also essential.

Is the Programme Accredited?

This programme is accredited by the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) and the Chartered Institute of Tourism & Hospitality (ITHSA). It is an internationally accredited programme registered under the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) in England. Upon graduation, students will receive a CTH Level 5 Advanced Diploma.

What Career Opportunities Does this Qualification Unlock?

After their studies, students will have a greater advantage while moving into various careers with more senior positions. The programme offers an in-depth look at topics like facilities management, contemporary issues in the industry, and strategic industry marketing, which are game-changers for those seeking a competitive edge in the field.

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