Are Our Quintessential Chef Courses the Right Choice for You?

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Have you been curious about our academic offerings here at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy? If so, have a look below where we explore if our chef courses are the right field of study for you.

Are You Passionate About Food?

Some people were born to be culinary masters – for them, imbuing each dish with passion and care comes naturally. A career in food preparation is also exceptionally fulfilling, but it can be a demanding profession. Without a passion for food and people, being a chef will not be a sustainable job option. If you get excited at the prospect of committing your time and energy to the diverse world of culinary innovation, then our chef courses are ideal for you.

Do You Enjoy Interactive Learning?

When it comes to a topic as vast as food preparation, there is no way to learn about it without a little hands-on training and close guidance from your mentors. Here at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, we ensure that our students receive comprehensive learning opportunities in the form of practical work. Our lecturers are also available every step of the way to ensure that students stay on the right track and receive the support they need to achieve fantastic outcomes. The expert assistance and practical work our chef courses include produce well-rounded students who are not afraid to rise to challenges in the industry.

Do You Want to Be Work-Ready?

Working in the culinary and hospitality industry is about so much more than just food. As a professional chef, you will have your hands full with a number of tasks. This may include managing people, resources, and even finances. Our chef courses, fortunately, don’t just cover cuisine preparation, but all the industry-relevant skills you will need to enjoy a successful career.

Choose How You Want to Learn

We know that not every student learns in the same way or has the time and means to study full-time. We have, therefore, tailored our programmes and chef courses to accommodate students with a variety of requirements. While full-time courses include practical work, theory training on campus, and online training, students can also choose part-time courses. Part-time courses allow for on-campus practical training, but theoretical training is done online. We also offer E-learning programmes online for students who are unable to attend training at one of our campuses located in Centurion, Stellenbosch, Durban, and Nelspruit.

If you would like to enrol with an outstanding culinary training school with a stellar reputation, feel free to get in touch by submitting an online contact form today.

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