It has been a long lockdown and although it felt like a shock to the system for the majority of people, it has also afforded us some time to reflect and think about our future career goals. While binge-watching the latest season of MasterChef, you suddenly had an aha moment! What about changing your career to do something that you actually feel passionate about? You love baking and have even been asked to make something special for a special occasion. But where to begin? Simple: Enrol at a renowned chefs training academy for professional pastry training.

As a result of COVID-19, the lockdown has brought about a massive transformation in home cooking behaviour. Our relationship with food is changing, as family meals become the new normal. However, many people lack the basic know-how, preventing them from gaining the confidence they need to better their skills. Whether you’re just starting, you’ve recently rekindled your culinary passion and want to better your skills, or you’re looking to launch a home-based catering business, you too can benefit from learning more than a couple of things at a cooking school.

Are you someone who would rather take on a recipe instead of a balance sheet statement? What about spending your day baking five-tier wedding cakes instead of being stuck behind a computer screen? South Africans are going through a rough time right now, with many businesses forced to retrench some of their employees or even close their doors permanently. While lockdown has been the toughest on those in the hospitality industry, it is necessary to understand that this is an extraordinary time and that the Tourism and Hospitality industry will thrive again. So, keeping this in mind, here are some excellent reasons why you should study at a top-notch culinary school.

Lockdown has had a ripple effect on just about every business and individual throughout not only South Africa but the world at large. If you, like many other people, have come to the realisation that life is too short to spend it cooped up in an office doing something that makes you unhappy, then you are probably looking at new, exciting ways to enjoy your life. And what better way to do it than to enter the dynamic world of the culinary arts?

Mandela Day is an annual international day in honour of Nelson Mandela, celebrated each year on 18 July, Madiba’s birthday. This is a day where South Africans come together to dedicate their time to help those in need. While the celebration usually requires 67 minutes of effort to make a difference, this year, over 300 chefs in 10 cities throughout South Africa got together to feed those in the most vulnerable communities.