“How To” Series

Baking – Short Course

Want to make some extra cash doing something you love? There is an enormous market in South Africa for yummy goods, which is why so many foodies are firing up their home baking and pastry business. If you’re passionate about chocolate, croissants, pastries, fondant, and wedding and birthday cakes, then it’s time to turn your sweet tooth into profit with CTIA’s “How to” Baking Series Course. Here’s what our baking and pastry course will cover.

This course is ideal for

At CTIA, our “How to” Baking Series Course is designed to turn aspiring bakers into successful patisserie entrepreneurs. And we even help you get a head-start with your marketing by teaching you how to take the perfect social media pictures.

Course Breakdown

Week 1: Cake Baking – three different sponge methods with three different fillings.

Week 2: Cake Décor – icing, colouring, buttercream, and effects.

Week 3: Royal Iced Vanilla Biscuits – cookie dough, icing, stencils, piping, flooding, and spraying.

Week 4: The Art of the Perfect Choux Pastry – fillings, éclairs, and Paris-Brest.

Week 5: The Perfect Pastry – laminated, puff, flaky, and rough pastry.

Week 6: Macaroons – Italian and French methods.

Week 7: Artisan Breads – ciabatta, sourdough, boule, focaccia, and soft butter buns.

Week 8: Artisan Breads – formulas, fermentation, croissants, baguette, and roast potato loaf.

Week 9: Deconstructed Plated Desserts – gelatins, lemon meringue pie, tiramisu, and molecular gastronomy.

The nitty gritty


9 Classes


R9000 Once-off OR R4500 deposit + R4500 by end of the first month of attendance.



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