The Centurion location is our first and oldest campus. Conveniently located between the main cities of Pretoria/Tshwane and Johannesburg, students have a wealth of industry options on their doorstep. Students hone their skills in a number of large, airy training kitchens amid a vibrant training atmosphere. The campus is within easy reach of the Centurion Gautrain Station, and students can have their pick from multiple accommodation options in the area.


PHONE 012 654 0244
EMAIL info@ctia.co.za
WHATSAPP 062 082 1964

ADDRESS 1003 Saxby Avenue, Eldoraigne, Centurion


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Buzzing, family, fun.

What sets CTIA apart? CTIA’s focus is not to see how many students we can put though the system, but to make a positive impact on our students and set them up for a successful future.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Never think any task is beneath you, get down and dirty when necessary.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? There is just something about a crispy pork belly with balsamic drizzle.

Anything you refuse to eat? Offal.

Share a memorable foodie moment: Meeting Marco Pierre White at Taste of Joburg was a very memorable moment.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Busy happy students.

What sets CTIA apart? The dedication of our lecturers and ability to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Take responsibility, learn to create menus and know how to cost menus. This will set you apart from the rest.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Cacio e pepe.

Anything you refuse to eat? Any animal that would normally be a pet.

Share a memorable foodie moment: Being served frog prepared in eight different ways in Halong Bay harbour, only to have the server announce the next item: “Free special dish – deep fried frog skin”.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Exciting, vibrant and world-class.

What sets CTIA apart? We focus on quality over quantity. We look to create world-class, industry-ready chefs. We strive for excellence, and we support our students to be more than just chefs.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Never settle for being ordinary. Always look to the future and strive to be better than you were five minutes ago.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? I personally love baking bread. I find it so therapeutic how three simple ingredients can create something so amazing.

Anything you refuse to eat? There isn’t anything I won’t eat – except any pet or domestic animals.

Share a memorable foodie moment: My favourite foodie moment must have been working at the Good Food and Wine Show alongside some of the top chefs in the world, and getting to experience some of the best food stalls that the country had to offer. It was one of most memorable experiences I have ever had.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Energetic, vibrant, innovative.

What sets CTIA apart? A team made up of people with vast industry experience, innovative courses and a results-driven environment, with concentrated focus on the individual student. You’re not just a number.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: The correct attitude will open endless doors of possibilities. Surround yourself with anything and everything regarding food. It is a lifestyle and you have to embrace it completely and whole-heartedly. Live it.

What is your favourite food item to prepare?  For a chef, it is not just about the cooking, but the techniques and creativity that go into it. I prefer slow foods, using old and forgotten techniques and cooking method, and adding modern elements.

Anything you refuse to eat? People say I am a picky eater, but I mostly avoid commercial-based brine and pickled products. I prefer to make these myself, as I can change them to my preference. Often, the types of food that I don’t really like to eat, such as offal, end up being the items that I experiment and have the most fun with. As a chef, you have to taste and eat everything to build up that flavour profile knowledge and develop your palate.

Share a memorable foodie moment: I have a few, but most notably would be the opening of the hotel Southern Sun Monte Casino during the Soccer World Cup as a sous chef, and more recently, working at Appetite Fest with the Australian Master Chef judges. Making ravioli for Chef George Calombaris’ one dish, and working right next to him, was surreal.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Interactive, young, and innovative

What sets CTIA apart? CTIA is a good environment for one to grow as a student and trainee chef, also getting that one-on-one interaction with their lecturer. Students get inspired to become the best at what they want to become. As lecturers, we nurture that goal and dream.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Have a goal-orientated period at school, become a student and focus on it. There are too many distractions on your journey to becoming the chef you want to be, so make sure you tame yourself and focus.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? I love making any Italian food – mostly pasta.

Anything you refuse to eat? I don’t think I would eat a cat or a dog.

Share a memorable foodie moment: When I met George Calombaris from Master Chef Australia the first time as a student in 2017, and preparing food with him. Fast-forward two years later, I met George again – now as a lecturer and with my students. The reaction was priceless and I enjoyed preparing for his live demos with my students.



Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Courageous, ambitious, food-driven.

What sets CTIA apart? What sets CTIA apart is the amount of appreciation, gratitude and passion that is used to approach every situation. A huge amount of support is given to the young chefs in training, and students are encouraged to be the best they can be at every single thing they do.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Be open to criticism and learn from that. The only way you can perfect a dish is through making mistakes and correcting them.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Truthfully speaking, I don’t really have a favourite dish. My favourite dish would probably be the last one I prepared.

Anything you refuse to eat? Passionfruit and pineapple, I really don’t like either of them.

Share a memorable foodie moment. My most memorable foodie moment was the day I walked into Chef Chantel Dartnall’s kitchen from Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient as a qualified chef. This was definitely one of my most treasured moments in life.



Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Inspiring, creative, and determined.

What sets CTIA apart? CTIA has the best team, with a vast range of expertise. CTIA is run with core values of compassion, patience, motivation and ambition.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Never stop learning. No matter how good you get, there will always be room for improving and advancing your skill set.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? I love making bread, especially artisanal types of bread, as you have the opportunity to be creative and express yourself by only using dough.

Anything you refuse to eat? Growing up, I was taught not to be a picky eater and to appreciate the meal that was given to you. But if I really had to choose something, it would be offal.

Share a memorable foodie moment: In my first year of industry, I worked with Chef Jean Pierre Siegenthaler, who was always willing to teach me and expand my knowledge. He moulded me into the chef that I am today and helped me to fuel my ambition, creativity, and drive.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Inclusive, enthusiastic, engaging.

What sets CTIA apart? CTIA is a platform not only to learn, but also to live out a dream.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: The difference between being a good chef and a great chef lies in one’s desire to simply ‘be better’ than any expectations that the outside world have set for you.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Chocolate fondant.

Anything you refuse to eat? None.

Share a memorable foodie moment: Having a three-course meal and wine pairing at the award-winning restaurant at Waterkloof Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Welcoming, amazing campus.

What sets CTIA apart? CTIA has an impressive and welcoming team – they all have a smile.

What is your top tip for aspiring chefs? Be willing to learn from others. Be focused and persistent.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? It’s not a food item, but I rather make a nice Long Island cocktail.

Anything you refuse to eat? Mopane worms.

Share a memorable foodie moment. Having crocodile meat – it was amazing.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Game-changing campus

What sets CTIA apart? CTIA is miles ahead of other chef schools. Not only are we industry leaders, innovative and student orientated, we are grooming the next generation of great chefs.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: My advice for young, up-and-coming chefs is to work hard – not just in the normal sense, but to always go above and beyond. Good senior chefs do not just look to groom young people with great skills – they are driven to teach those who are willing to learn, and who have a great work ethic. Skills can be taught, but a work ethic comes from within.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? I wouldn’t say I have a favourite food item to prepare, I enjoy just being able to experiment with different cultural cuisines and use them in fusion dishes.

Anything you refuse to eat? Personally, there is nothing I wouldn’t try. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.

Share a memorable foodie moment: One of the highlights of my foodie career was being part of the team to execute Appetite Fest South Africa. It was exhilarating to rub shoulders with some great chefs from South Africa and the rest of the world. We worked crazy hours for an entire week, but the satisfaction of knowing you were part of the reason for a successful event was the best feeling.