The coastal city of Durban is known to be a laidback location, but our bustling campus in Morningside is a hive of activity where students can enjoy the best training experience of their lives in a warm and vibrant environment. This campus is located close to the city centre, and is easy to access with public transport. The culinary action goes down in two halaal friendly, fully equipped training kitchens and three theory lecture rooms. Students can choose from multiple nearby accommodation options.


PHONE 031 001 4196
WHATSAPP 061 322 0949

ADDRESS 2nd Floor, Thynk Sq, 199 Peter Mokaba Rd, Morningside, Berea, 4001


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Prestigious, fundamental and career driven.

What sets CTIA apart? The high standards we achieve at CTIA.

What is your top tip for aspiring chefs? Put your head down and work hard.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Fillet of beef.

Anything you refuse to eat? I don’t eat pork.

Share a memorable foodie moment: Working at 9th Avenue Bistro as a trainee, which was in the top 10 in the country.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Warm, welcoming, professional.

What sets CTIA apart? Our commitment to all students to become a person of excellence.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Be yourself, be different, be passionate, be innovative, be involved.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? All types of food (only a chef would know, even if you prepare an egg, it has to be apart from the norm!).

Anything you refuse to eat? Peas.

Share a memorable foodie moment: I have done many events, cooked for local celebrities and dignitaries, and made some amazing plates ­– but my favourite was being around the dinner table as usual with my parents, and them loving the not-very-tasty meal I made for them when I was nine. Their encouragement for me to pursue my dreams still continues.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Passion, dedication, teamwork

What sets CTIA apart? The dedication toward the student experience. The integrity and precision of all assessment decisions. The support and positivity we feel between campuses.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: A good chef must be well rounded in both skill and attitude.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Anything that combines dark chocolate, raspberry and almond.

Anything you refuse to eat? No not really, I’m not fussy, I eat everything. But I really don’t like figs.

Share a memorable foodie moment: The feeling of our Junior Team obtaining a bronze medal in the Culinary Olympics (Junior SA team). I also competed in the Worldskills São Paulo, and walking onto the stage with my SA team with our flags made me feel very patriotic.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Finest quality training.

What sets CTIA apart? Experienced lecturing team with a passion for the future of the culinary industry.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: There are no shortcuts to success… Hard work, dedication, and passion every day, every minute – nothing less!

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Fusion of south and north Indian cuisine, influenced by traditional South African flavours.

Anything you refuse to eat? Pork for religious reasons.

Share a memorable foodie moment: Participating in the ‘slow food movement’ competition in KZN.