Located in the scenic heart of the Cape winelands, our Stellenbosch staff and students operate as a community that prides itself on an excellent campus life and dynamic training environment. The campus has two beautiful training kitchens and two theory classrooms. The town of Stellenbosch is a well-known culinary hub, and a food-and-wine hot spot for visitors from South Africa and afar. It is small enough that the entire centre can easily be covered on foot, making commuting in the student hub easy and accessible. There are numerous student accommodation options close to the campus.


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WHATSAPP 062 505 7027

ADDRESS The Vineyard, Building A, 2nd Floor, 1 Devon Valley Road, Stellenbosch


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Welcoming, unique, passionate.

What sets CTIA apart? The dedication and commitment to continuously better our offering and experience. Our commitment to walking the extra mile with every student. The warm-hearted feeling when we see our students succeeding in the industry!

What is your top tip for aspiring chefs? Take on any and every opportunity and keep your eye on the future. See every situation as a learning experience that will shape the success of your career.

Learn as much as you can, take part in events, try your hand at competitions, volunteer, read, experiment and always remain humble.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Slow cooking comfort food. It is a timely affair!

Anything you refuse to eat? I am a picky eater. Now that we’ve become conscious of the carbon footprint of our food, it all depends on the quality and source of the ingredients and how it has been treated. But I still have a sweet tooth, and a weakness for anything divinely indulgent…

Share a memorable foodie moment. Around 1982, my father spent three months at the military base in Ondangwa, and we mainly communicated through writing letters. This was when I baked my first chocolate cake. I was seven at the time. I can’t remember much about it and how much my mother helped me (I’m sure it must have been quite a bit!), but I clearly remember the feedback I received from this cake. I can hardly remember eating it, or anyone else eating it for that matter. I wrote to my father about it, and his response was the best! To this day, I cherish those letters, and it reminds me of that particular moment. Today, any good food with good company and good wine is a favourite foodie moment.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Dynamic, open-minded, limitless.

What sets CTIA apart? Our programmes offer a national and international qualification, and are accessible to all prospective students, for those with Grade 12 and those without. We do not limit ourselves to only a selective group of students: we are open to everyone. Even though all ingredients are included in practical outcomes, we do not substitute ingredients unless there is a non-availability. CTIA prioritises cultural diversity and equality; staff and student-wise. Our students are our future!

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Planning and time management are of the essence. The world is full of resources, don’t limit yourself to gaining knowledge, it is at the tips of your fingers.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Black Forest gateau.

Anything you refuse to eat? Unsafe food items and offal.

Share a memorable foodie moment:  The day I met Chef Josep Guerola from La Patisseria in Barcelona. He was amazing, the dessert I had was even better and he signed my book with a very special message. When I got back to South Africa, it took almost two weeks to decipher his handwriting and translate the message! An unforgettable experience.


Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Modern, energetic, well equipped.

What sets CTIA apart? The nurturing environment and the evolving curriculum that stays up to date with current trends.

Top tip for aspiring chefs: Be creative, keep researching and learning new techniques, and don’t be afraid of working hard.

What is your favourite food item to prepare? Anything with chocolate in it.

Anything you refuse to eat? Ingredients that are not sustainable or ethically sourced.

Share a memorable foodie moment: My first Michelin Star experience at La Gavroche, and meeting the executive chef and idol, Michel Roux Jnr.