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Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

8 Incredible Career Opportunities to Achieve with Accredited Courses in Hospitality Management

Looking to switch career gears and add to your existing portfolio, or maybe you are looking for a career that can lead to international work on a yacht, or at a wellness spa, hotel, resort, or restaurant? As one of South Africa’s strongest pillars of tourism, and as one of the fastest-growing industries in the world – generating trillions – the hospitality industry offers a niche career for every type of personality.

A dynamic industry expected to grow by another 6% within the next few years, the hospitality sector is big, diverse, and packed with jobs and careers that will lead you to international travel, events, hotels, luxury services, culture, exotic foods, and tourism. While a hospitality manager plays an important role in overseeing the administrative tasks of a hotel or resort, it also opens doors to many exciting, lucrative careers. Here are some of the places you can work after completing hospitality management courses:

  1. Bars, bistros, and clubs
  2. Game farms, resorts, spas, and hotels
  3. Yachts and superyachts
  4. Restaurants and catering companies
  5. Travel and tourism companies
  6. Health and wellness facilities
  7. Event-, entertainment-, and conference-planning companies
  8. Cafés and coffee houses

Although the hospitality industry is exciting and lucrative, it has transformed over the years to become customer centric. Running on a profusion of emotions, today’s tourists want exclusive attention and seamless experiences rather than luxuries and facilities. That said, this dynamic, fast-paced industry requires a customer-centric mindset, cultural attentiveness, excellent communication skills, flexibility, and the capability to multitask and make sensible decisions.

You Must Have the Right Accreditation 

If you want to enter an exciting, dynamic, and fast-paced growing field that will lead you to travel, management, or entrepreneurship, courses in hospitality management will open the doors. But this is a highly competitive industry, and those that have the right City & Guilds accreditation will be employable.

We Are Rated as the Finest Chef Academy in South Africa

As one of the most reputable countries in the world to do courses in culinary arts and hospitality management, South Africa is home to a vast number of chef schools, but none are as distinguished and reputable as Chefs Training & Innovation Academy. At CTIA, our mission is simple: to define the standards for the hospitality industry and equip students with an invaluable foundation upon which to launch a successful career abroad or on South African soil.

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