Learnership programme

CATHSSETA Certificate In Food Preparation And Cooking

This qualification has been developed for professionals in the food preparation industry (hospitality). It brings together elements of food and drink preparations as well as supervision. This qualification will professionalise the industry and is applicable to all sectors, from small restaurants to large-scale hotels. The qualification provides articulation with Gaming, Travel and other Tourism industries.

Learning assumed to be in place and recognition of prior learning
It is assumed that and FEC Certificate or equivalent has been obtained by the candidate at Level 2. (The existing Grade 10 certificate meets these requirements).


FULL-TIME: 12 months




  • Course material
  • Tuition
  • Motivation and management of learner
  • Management of programme plan
  • Establishment support and consulting
  • Bi-weekly update on results
  • Formative and summative assessments
  • National assessment fees and first examination fees National certification
  • All assessments and moderation
  • Learner support and mentorship
  • CTIA registered assessor and lecturer will support and mentor the learner during the entire learnership process.
  • Bi-weekly updated results and feedback will be sent to the company’s HR department and the learner in training.
  • The optional add-on of dual certification by adding the City & Guilds international examination to the national qualification.

PLEASE NOTE: All students will need access to a computer or laptop with Microsoft Office Suite and stable internet/data.



  • Introduction to the hospitality industry
  • Personal preparation in the workplace
  • Calculations and communication
  • Kitchen operations, hygiene and quality control
  • Storage, utensils and equipment
  • Food preparation and cooking
  • Safety and security in the working environment
  • Self-development and training
  • Identify, source and apply for employment opportunities