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Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Have a Look at Our Exciting Chef Courses in Pretoria

Pretoria is known for several renowned educational institutions, many of which offer culinary programmes. For those living in the city, or those who want to relocate to Pretoria while studying, finding the right training can be a tough choice. We at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy are a top-tier institution in South Africa with several campuses, and our phenomenal chef courses are suited to anyone in Pretoria looking to get qualified.

Foundation Programme in Professional Cookery

This is one of our shorter courses of six months that combines theoretical, practical, and hands-on experience in the industry. It provides an entry-level qualification which acts as a springboard to further studies. It is fundamental training from which any school leaver can benefit.

Chef Courses in PretoriaProfessional Culinary Arts Programme

If you are seeking more in-depth chef courses than our Foundation Programme, this one may be suited to you. It is 12 months long and includes industry placement while providing advanced training that qualifies graduates as kitchen hand and a cook – essential career steps to becoming a chef.

Professional Pastry Programme

Students who wish to specialise in pastries and decadent delights will enjoy this 12-month programme that includes industry placement. It covers basic kitchen skills as well as advanced pastry-making training. Practical training is maximised in this course.

Culinary Arts and Pâtisserie Programme Combined

This is a dual-accredited qualification that takes place over 18 months and combines both intensive culinary training and pastry-making skills. During three semesters and an industry placement opportunity, you will greatly diversify your skillset as a well-rounded professional.

Occupational Certificate: Chef

If you want to get qualified as a chef, then this is your direct pathway to your dream career. It is a full-time course of 36 months that includes industry placement and ample practical work. It does not just focus on culinary skills, but on working within the wider hospitality industry. Students can even choose an optional add-on Pâtisserie Programme.

Culinary Arts and Food & Beverage Combined

As another dual-accredited qualification, this hybrid course combines our top-selling Culinary Arts Programme with training in food-and-beverage essentials. This means a greater focus on the hospitality and catering industries while still learning advanced culinary and food preparation skills. Over 18 months, students will learn all about the key principles of food and beverage services and how to fulfil supervision roles in the industry.

About Our Centurion Campus

Our Centurion campus is conveniently situated between Pretoria and Johannesburg and is our oldest location. With a vibrant training atmosphere, world-class facilities, ample nearby accommodation, and easy access to the Gautrain station, this is an outstanding campus at which to study.

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