Course in Hospitality Management

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

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hospitality management If you want to further your studies in hospitality management with us, or if you have worked in the industry for a while and wish to advance your career – then we have a great course for you. Say hello to the CTH Level 4 Undergraduate Programme in Hospitality Management. This course was designed to merge essential disciplines and operational aspects that are the foundation of the industry. It is a level 4 programme that is equivalent to that of the first year of a bachelor’s degree, and students may use it for credit when studying further at selected universities.


More About the Programme

This programme combines both practical and theoretical elements that will prepare students for supervisory and managerial positions. It takes a closer look at the global tourism and hospitality industry and the various diversions of this exciting and dynamic field. There is a strong focus on people-centred services and customer satisfaction. Modules included in this hospitality management course are:

  • Module 1: Finances in the industry.
  • Module 2: Customer service management.
  • Module 3: The global industry.
  • Module 4: Rooms division operations.
  • Module 5: Rooms division supervision.
  • Module 6: Food and beverage operations.
  • Module 7: Food and beverage supervision.


Course Length and Accreditation

This online course in hospitality management is a year-long programme that includes a blend of e-learning and textbook studies. It requires between five to ten hours of study per week, and students have up to 24 months to complete the qualification. The course is also accredited with the Confederation of Tourism & Hospitality (CTH) and the Chartered Institute of Tourism & Hospitality (ITHSA). This CTH Level 4 Diploma is registered in the United Kingdom and is not a South African certification. Once completed, students can opt to continue with the CTH-ADHM Level 5 Advanced Programme in Hospitality Management.


How the Course is Delivered

Students who opt for this programme will have the opportunity to study at their own pace through our e-learning platform. The studies are delivered digitally through a virtual campus and email communication. Students will also receive material through a USB flash drive. Physical study materials are couriered and sent to students in a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). The modules can be studied offline, but access to a computer or notebook and email communications is still necessary for assignment submissions.

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