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Dec 2, 2022 | Articles

Are You Looking for Courses in Hospitality Management to Study After Matric? We’re Here to Help

If you are looking for a premier institution that offers courses in hospitality management, we can assist you in following your dreams and securing your future. As 2022 draws to a close, countless matriculants are concerned about their future studies. If you have your heart set on a career that allows you to continually grow and engage with people and cultures from all over the world, then the hospitality sector is for you. Our Undergraduate Programme in Hospitality Management will enable you to step into a management role with the utmost confidence and make your mark in this field.

Our Courses in Hospitality Management Are Your Gateway into the Industry

You might have done a little research into what a hospitality management career is all about, but perhaps you are still unsure about what it entails and where to study towards a career within this field. While it is certainly a broad line of work, hospitality management is defined as the oversight and management of tasks that improve the guest or customer experience. It’s a service-oriented job that usually falls under places that offer accommodation, such as hotels, resorts, lodges, and more. It requires overseeing the day-to-day activities that allow guests to feel at home, comfortable, and pampered. We currently offer an Undergraduate Programme in Hospitality Management for matriculants graduating this year with a desire to land a stellar job in this direction.

You’re Looking at a Long and Fruitful Career

Our course is a CTH Level 4 Diploma which is equivalent to the first year of a bachelor’s degree. To enrol, entrants must have completed matric, or completed the CTH Level 3 Foundation Programme in Hospitality and Tourism, or provide evidence of at least three years’ work experience in the industry. This is considered an online course, and all material is delivered via our E-learning platform, CTIA Moodle. Assignments are therefore submitted electronically, but students will need to write their examination modules at their nearest campus. This course is intended to prepare students for immediate employment upon completion, but it can also be used as a stepping stone to more advanced studies such as the CTH Level 5 Programme in Hospitality Management. The programme is internationally accredited by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) and takes place over 12 months.

Hospitality Management

The Chefs Training & Innovation Academy is considered one of South Africa’s best training institutions, so you can be sure that studying through us will help you get where you want to be. To find out about our enrolment process for any of our courses in hospitality management, click here.

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