Courses in Hospitality Management: The Stepping Stone to Local and International Work

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Courses in Hospitality Management: The Stepping Stone to Local and International Work

Just matriculated and stuck on what to do with the rest of your life, or have you had enough of that pencil-pushing nine-to-fiver and finally reached a decision to switch career lanes? While it’s true that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has created unprecedented challenges for many industries, including Tourism and Hospitality, it’s essential to recognise this crisis will pass, and air travel will once again resume. But with all eyes on COVID-19, now is the perfect time to map out your future – the time to explore the exciting and lucrative world of hospitality management.

An Innovative Industry with Plenty Room for Growth

A future in food doesn’t have to mean a career stuck in the kitchen with a spatula. Hospitality is a trillion-dollar global industry, which is expected to grow by another 6% within the next few years. It’s packed with a diverse mix of jobs and careers that will lead you to international travel, event planning, restaurant and hotel management, luxury services, culture, cuisine, and tourism.

As one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, completing a hospitality management course can lead you to become a:

  • chef;
  • sommelier;
  • food and beverage director;
  • director of housekeeping;
  • marketing executive;
  • flight attendant;
  • conference centre manager;
  • customer service manager;
  • events manager; or
  • hotel and restaurant manager.

One of the most prominent perks of this dynamic field is that international jobs are always available, so if you love to travel, then you will thrive in this industry.

Like culinary arts, the hospitality industry offers plenty of room for career growth. You can start your career as a receptionist in a hotel, pastry chef on a yacht, or a housekeeping assistant in a resort, and a year or two later you could end up as a hotel, restaurant, or housekeeping manager, or a head chef. Hospitality provides plenty of room for growth. It’s also an industry that can take you to some incredible international destinations.

But this is a highly competitive industry. So, if you want to be employable, then you must have the right accreditation, such as the City & Guilds accredited and CTH accredited hospitality management courses at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy.

CTIA is an Elite and Influential Academy of Excellence 

As they preferred “Culinary and Hospitality Academy of Choice”, CTIA is the leading Hospitality Academy in the Southern Hemisphere, with schools in Mpumalanga, Durban, Cape Town, and Pretoria. With exclusive partnerships with BHMS in Switzerland, Placement International, and the NH Hotel Group in Europe – we know the industry well, and if you want to get the best local and international jobs, then you need to train with the best.

Our City & Guilds accredited courses will open many doors to an exciting, lucrative career, including hospitality management. We also provide international apprenticeships and European internships.

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