CTIA Advanced Culinary Courses Can Set You on a Path to a Brilliant Career

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

CTIA Advanced Culinary Courses Can Set You on a Path to a Brilliant Career

If you’re like many young adults in lockdown, you’ve got a lot going on in your mind right now. Uncertainty, economic collapse, and job scarcity are probably not the things you imagined would await you after high school.

South Africa’s economy is going through a bit of a shake-down and shake-up. While things may look like just about every industry is going “under” right about now, we’re here to remind you that once COVID-19 has blown over, the tourism and hospitality industry will once again be as lively as ever. After all, travel and food are the things that make the world go around. If you’re still unsure about what to do with the rest of your life, here’s how an advanced culinary course can set you on the path to career success.

Become a Vlogger, Blogger or Author

The hospitality industry is ever-growing, opening many doors for new and exciting career possibilities. And with over 4,33 billion active Internet users worldwide – and growing, blogging, vlogging, or writing about food – restaurants, luxury services, hotels, nutrition, or cuisine is an attractive career choice. Great content is the stuff that makes the web go around, so the online opportunities are endless.

Private Executive Chef and Pastry Chef

The world of cuisine is diverse, with so many new cultural and contemporary palates to explore. Although some of the hottest trends in foods right now include vegetarianism, veganism, and rawism, tradition and culture are still strong pillars in international gastronomy. People enjoy their flavour, so no matter how badly the economy sinks, consumers will always invest in healthy, traditional, and unique cuisine. Whether you become a pastry chef, sous chef or executive chef, advanced culinary courses open many opportunities to run a kitchen or open your own culinary business on South African soil or internationally.

CTIA is the leading Culinary Arts Academy of Choice in South Africa

Whether you’re looking to fast-track a culinary arts career, open your own business, or get into hospitality management – enrol in one of the advanced culinary courses at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy. As an elite and influential Culinary Arts Academy of Excellence, with exclusive partnerships with Business and Hotel Management School (BHMS) in Switzerland, Placement International, and the NH Hotel Group in Europe – our advanced culinary courses ensure the best training, European internships, and local and international jobs available.

At CTIA, our internationally City & Guilds accredited advanced culinary courses give aspiring chefs, entrepreneurs, and those looking to enter the hospitality industry a solid foundation to build a successful career, locally or internationally.

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