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Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Culinary and Hospitality Courses: If You Can’t Do Full-Time, Go Part-Time with CTIA

Looking to turn your delectable mouth-watering pastries and cakes into profit, or maybe you’d like to take your French or vegan skills to an employable level? As a country with one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, finding a career that you enjoy is not always possible. There are many South Africans that would love nothing more than to achieve their dream job, but sadly life gets in the way. Either their current job keeps them too exhausted to do anything else, or they lack the time or funds to commit to a full-time diploma or degree.

The Best Training, Internships in Europe, and Local and International Jobs

AT CTIA, we’re one of the leading culinary and hospitality schools in South Africa with campuses in Centurion, Durban, Cape Town, and Mpumalanga. With over 10 years of Excellence, and with exclusive partnerships with Business and Hotel Management School (BHMS) in Switzerland, OVC in the USA, and the NH Hotel Group in Europe – our internationally recognised City & Guilds qualifications ensure that students get the best training, internships in Europe, and local and international jobs.

At Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, we understand that committing to a full-time diploma is not something everyone can easily do, which is why we offer part-time programmes easily accomplished in as little as a few months. Whether you’re interested in baking, cooking, health and safety, or hospitality management – we have the perfect, affordable part-time courses for you.

  • 6 months City & Guilds Foundation Programme – Culinary Arts
  • 2 months CTIA Innovation Programme – Culinary Arts
  • 2 months CTIA Innovation Programme – Patisserie
  • Short Programmes in Food Safety in Catering – Coming Soon!

You Don’t Need a University Degree to Get into the Industry

A lucrative and exciting industry where you do not need a university degree to get started, culinary and hospitality offer a wealth of opportunities for those that are hard-working and passionate about food, people and travel. Once you’ve completed one of our short part-time programmes, you’ll have the right skills to either open your catering business, run a kitchen or manage a restaurant. It will also open many doors to the glamorous and exciting world of food styling and food blogging and vlogging. You can also find work at one of the many hotels, resorts, and spas scattered throughout South Africa and the globe, or you can work on a superyacht or cruise liner in Europe or the Caribbean. Your options are many.

Contact us today – enrolments and registrations are open.

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