Culinary and Hospitality Management

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Leaving Matric? Here’s Why to Consider the Culinary and Hospitality Management Industries

Matriculating is one of the most exciting and daunting achievements in one’s life. After years of study, school-leavers must take a leap of faith and pursue their goals for their future, which is an uncertain time for anyone. One of the most sought-after fields of study for those on this new journey is the food preparation and hospitality management industry. As a top-tier culinary school that specialises in tourism and customer-centric services training too, we will provide you with the right skills needed to accomplish your career ambitions.

Immense Industry Demand

School-leavers often worry that the direction in which they choose to study will not offer any post-graduate work opportunities. When it comes to the culinary and hospitality management industries, however, there are plenty of post-study avenues available. The tourism and food preparation industry are both still booming, despite the global pandemic, and this remains a promising sector of the global economy.

Meet People from All Over the World

If you love meeting, engaging with, serving, and working alongside new and interesting people, the culinary and hospitality management industries are both suitable for you. Those in this line of work are exposed to rich cultures, diverse groups of individuals, and will benefit immensely from these interactions. It is a people-oriented profession, and that is what makes it a fulfilling career choice.

Culinary and Hospitality ManagementYou’re Not Limited Professionally

Some fields of study only offer a handful of job opportunities but getting qualified in the culinary arts or hospitality management is a fantastic way to broaden your horizons. These are ever-evolving industries and the longer you stay, the more there is to explore. Whether you enjoy client-facing and guest relations, want to work at a five-star hotel, or open your own corner café in a quiet, coastal town, you can do it. International conference centres, luxury game lodges, and opulent cruise liners are all options – the sky is your limit. You can travel, explore, and contribute to a fast-paced industry that never limits your growth.

We’ll Get You Qualified

If you are looking for culinary or hospitality and tourism management courses, we have a range of notable programmes available. Our offerings have also greatly expanded for 2022, and we now boast a new flagship, full-time hospitality training programme that features on-campus learning. Students who wish to study online in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic will be happy to know that they can do so through our E-learning platform too. If you would like to find out more about our innovative, cutting-edge courses for school-leavers, contact us here.

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