Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Key Differences Between Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Qualifications

While qualifications in the culinary arts versus hospitality management certifications are vastly different, many prospective students get stuck deciding between the two. Some students may start studying to become a chef, only to find they enjoy the human management aspect of the qualification most, while others study hospitality and get drawn into the food preparation management side of it. Careers in both fields are vast, and it is even possible to combine skillsets from both qualifications, but which would you enjoy more? We explore the main differences and similarities between these two exciting industries.

The Similarities Between Both Qualifications

Before we look at the differences, understanding the similarities between the culinary arts and hospitality management industries may help students recognise the aspects they are drawn to in both fields of study. For starters, both are service industries with a major focus on customer satisfaction and will require strong communication skills and creative problem-solving in a fast-paced environment. Both qualifications may afford global opportunities that include working and travelling abroad in a range of establishments. Skills gained from these qualifications will usually include food resource and operations management and even skills in marketing and finances. Lastly, both qualifications prepare students for managerial positions often found in kitchens, hotels, and accommodations.

Pâtisserie TrainingMore About the Culinary Arts

The focus of any culinary arts qualification is the preparation of cuisine. Enrolling in such a programme will empower you with fundamental kitchen skills, cooking methods, principles of food preparation, essential techniques, gastronomy, and even creative plating and dessert-making. Programmes such as our Occupational Certificate: Chef qualification go beyond these basics and explore advanced training too, including food production supervision, managing staff resources, and even environmental sustainability.

The takeaway: If food is your first love, but you still have a passion for people, then our culinary arts qualifications are right for you.

More About Hospitality Management

The hospitality industry is all about managing and overseeing the operations of places such as hotels, luxury accommodation, restaurants, and various other businesses. There is an emphasis on business and people skills, and marketing, finances, cost control, and human resources are all skills you will gain. Our Foundation Programme in Tourism and Hospitality covers the essential principles of the industry and gives students a strong foundation for further studies.

The takeaway: If you enjoy the business side of the food service sector, or just want to manage people and everyday operations while exceeding customer expectations, then this is a suitable career path for you.

If you would like to know more about our available courses, and which would suit your future goals and dreams best, speak to one of our CTIA career consultants today.

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