Culinary Arts and Patisserie: The Passport to an Action-Packed, Diverse and Lucrative Industry

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Are you a young South Africa dreaming of becoming successful beyond your wildest imagination? But do you know yet what you want to do to achieve this success? What about studies? Are you going to study? And if so, what? Then there is the matter of student loans. Are you scared that you’re going to take out a student loan that is going to cost you thousands of thousands of rands, only to struggle to find work once you’ve graduated?

These are all good questions you need to ask yourself, but before you run for the hill in fear, know that you can have it all. You just need to choose the right industry. Enter the world of food and hospitality.

A Trillion-Dollar Industry with Exciting Career Possibilities

Having risen into a trillion-dollar global industry over the past decade, the business of food has fast become a diverse, exciting, and lucrative one set to grow even more. Once you’ve completed a full- or part-time diploma at culinary school, you will gain the experience to manage or open your very own bakery or restaurant in South Africa or abroad.

But if you’re like most young, energetic South Africans, you probably want to see the world before you settle down and buy a home. Well, this is the career path that can take you there. One of the best things about this industry is that you can travel while you work in hotels, restaurants, or luxury spas. You can even find work on a cruise liner or superyacht in Europe or the US. But a career in the food business doesn’t have to mean a career in a kitchen on a boat or in a restaurant. You can also get into media.

As an executive chef or pastry chef, your training will have included marketing, food sanitation, ethical practices, flavour pairings, profiles, and hospitality and business studies. As a chef, your education will have given you the right skills to open up your very own business or run someone else’s. However, if writing or food styling excites you, you could become a food critic, vlogger, blogger, author, recipe developer or food stylist. A diploma in culinary arts and patisserie can open many doors rich with many exciting and lucrative possibilities.

Find Your Dream Career at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy

If you’re looking to fast-track a culinary arts and patisserie career, it all starts at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy. At CTIA, we believe that the best chefs are not born but are made – and if you want to be the best, you must study with the best. Supplying the industry with only the finest and most passionate, disciplined, and highly skilled alumni, our internationally accredited City & Guilds culinary arts and patisserie programmes will give you the tools you need to enter an action-packed, diverse, ever-changing industry.

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