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Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

4 Benefits of Studying Through Our World-class Culinary School

Most people have dreams, but few seem to follow them, and even fewer turn these dreams into reality. We at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy are not only passionate about helping students pursue their goals but turning them into thriving careers. Our numbers speak for themselves – 99,3% of the students who have graduated through our esteemed institution have been successfully employed. On your journey to becoming a master chef, expert pâtissier, or business owner, training at a top-tier culinary school will give you the best possible head start. Our academy offers countless benefits, four of which we explore here.

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  1. We Accommodate Full-time, Part-time, and Online Learning

School-leavers and those taking time off from their careers to study will enjoy our range of full-time courses, but we know not everyone is able to study full-time. Some students require a more flexible training structure, and we accommodate this through part-time and online courses. Our virtual classroom makes interactive training possible, and students will still receive ample support and guidance.

  1. We’ll Prepare You for the Industry

As a top culinary school in the country, we are serious about staying abreast of industry innovations. As industry standards, requirements, and trends change, we adapt. Our training curricula continually evolve to ensure that our students are ready for their careers in cuisine preparation, whether locally or abroad.

  1. Cutting-edge Qualifications That Will Take You Far

Our programmes are all in line with international best practices and are accredited by, associated with, and recognised by various national and global bodies. We have a holistic approach to training, and we focus on transferable and job-specific skills. With us, you will learn about so much more than just cooking techniques – you’ll be empowered with various skill sets that serve your culinary career as long as you pursue it.

  1. Our Courses Emphasise Practical Work

A culinary school that only focuses on theoretical training is not worth your time. While we help our students navigate the theoretical knowledge they need to know, we prioritise real-world experience. Our approved partners make industry placements possible, and students can expect to jump right in and hone the practical skills they have acquired. These placements give them a competitive edge over entry-level trainee chefs with no experience while instilling confidence that takes them far.

Whether you want to work in South Africa or overseas, our accredited courses are a phenomenal start. By joining the CTIA family, you can be sure you’ll receive unparalleled training at a culinary school that truly cares. To take that step towards an accomplished future, get in touch with us today.

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