Culinary Schools in Pretoria

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

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When it comes to further education and training, Pretoria is known for its outstanding academic institutions. These institutions narrow considerably, however, when looking for a place to study the culinary arts. There are more than a few culinary schools in Pretoria, of course, but not all of them boast an esteemed name and reputation. What many students also do not realise is that it takes nothing less than exceptional training in the industry to get ahead and reach success. Unfortunately, not all culinary schools in Pretoria will offer this level of training and studying at the wrong academy may just be a waste of your time. Below, we explore three reasons why we at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy offer standout culinary qualifications unlike any other institution in Pretoria.


  1. We Prepare You for Real Career Opportunities

The food preparation industry is vast, and you will have no lack of career options from which to choose. Whether it is your dream to work in a Michelin-rated restaurant, become a private chef to the stars, work in luxury accommodation such as hotels, or even become an online culinary influencer, we will prepare you for it all. Studying with us means that you are attaining so much more than a certification, you will receive all-encompassing theoretical and practical training that helps you go far.


  1. You Can Study the Way You Want

Some students are ready to dive into their studies and train full-time with us, but we know that this is not always a possibility for everyone. Unlike other chef schools that only provide full-time training, we offer both part-time and E-learning courses as well. This makes our courses accessible to anyone depending upon how much time they wish to study each week.


  1. Choose Between World-class Culinary Courses

From a Foundation Programme in Professional Cookery to a Professional Pastry Programme, you can choose between several superb courses. These courses vary in length and content, and you are sure to find a qualification that aligns with your future career goals. We even offer shorter cooking courses for home cooks, beginners, and even professionals who are looking to refine their skills in the kitchen.


If you are currently researching the various culinary schools in Pretoria and are seeking to find an institution of distinction, then the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy is the way to go. For more information on our professional cookery courses and how to enrol with us, be sure to get in touch with us via our online contact form today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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