Chef Oelof Els

  • Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Fun-loving, passionate, contemporary.
  • What sets CTIA apart? CTIA focuses on quality training. We expose our students to a vast range of modern, trendy techniques and groom our students for the industry. We inspire students to become the best, and to always give their best. But most importantly, no student is ever just a number.
  • Top tip for aspiring chefs: Planning, planning, planning… and I’ll say it again, planning! Be as prepared as you can be. Take the time, put in the effort and your results will reflect it. I am a firm believer in by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
  • What is your favourite food item to prepare? Anything sweet; especially if it is prepared with a modern twist. I’m always open for trying something new.
  • Anything you refuse to eat? Offal dishes. I’m also not a fan leftovers.
  • Share a memorable foodie moment: During my studies, I had the great pleasure of preparing and serving some of South Africa’s top Afrikaans music artists. Bok van Blerk, Juanita Du Plessis, Brendan Peyper, Refentse, Lianie May and Bobby van Jaarsveld. The feedback I received inspired me to become the chef I am today.