Chef Valerie Pillay

Chef Valarie Pillay

  • Describe your CTIA campus in three words: Warm, welcoming, professional.
  • What sets CTIA apart?  Our commitment to all students to become a person of excellence.
  • Top tip for aspiring chefs:  Be yourself, be different, be passionate, be innovative, be involved.
  • What is your favourite food item to prepare? All types of food (only a chef would know, even if you prepare an egg, it has to be apart from the norm!).
  • Anything you refuse to eat?  Peas.
  • Share a memorable foodie moment:  I have done many events, cooked for local celebrities and dignitaries, and made some amazing plates ¬– but my favourite was being around the dinner table as usual with my parents, and them loving the not-very-tasty meal I made for them when I was nine. Their encouragement for me to pursue my dreams still continues.