Kirsti De Bod - Lecturer

Chef Kirstie de Bod

  • Describe your CTIA campus in three words:  BEST PLACE EVER
  • What sets CTIA apart?  CTIA is an all-inclusive, warm, and welcoming Chefs school.
  • Top tip for aspiring chefs:  Always want to know more. Never stop asking questions! Have a pocketbook and constantly make notes of great recipes, good suppliers, and advice. Always set the bar high and make it your goal to achieve that.
  • What is your favourite food item to prepare?  I am an all-rounder in the kitchen. Pastry is much more scientific and very creative. I generally enjoy all cooking if the recipient of the product is satisfied. That’s where the real joy lies.
  • Anything you refuse to eat?  I will give anything a try; you must as a chef. But I generally stay away from certain types of tripe.
  • Share a memorable foodie moment:  As a private chef I cooked for some very famous people. One person I really admired the most was the South African Formula 1 winner, Jody Scheckter. I cooked for him when he was in Cape Town over the holidays. What an honour.