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Dec 6, 2022 | Articles

Have You Enrolled in the Right Culinary School Yet?

If your dream is to become a professional chef and you are matriculating this year, we can help you navigate the tough choices ahead and set you up for a successful future career. Leaving school is one of the most exciting and thrilling prospects. You have your whole life ahead of you and your potential is limitless. Making the most of your time now by exploring your options will remove any uncertainties and help you transition into your next phase of life with peace of mind. The Chefs Training & Innovation Academy is one of the top training institutions in the country, and we will help you get qualified and pursue your goal as a mover and shaker in this phenomenal industry.

Is Enrolling in a Culinary School the Right Move for You? 

Do you enjoy cooking, bringing recipes to life, plating the perfect dish, or just seeing the look of delight as someone feasts on your edible creation? The life of a professional chef might be right for you! If you are worried that working in a kitchen all day is not up your alley, you will be happy to know that the culinary and food service industry is vast and offers countless directions in which to grow, including:

  • Becoming a content creator, food blogger and vlogger, or online food influencer.
  • Writing as a food journalist or culinary critic.
  • Starting your own business as a caterer, restauranteur, or pastry chef.
  • Travelling the world and working for luxury cruise ships and hotels.
  • Being a private chef for wealthy clients.

No matter your talents and personality, there is a profession in cuisine just right for you, and our culinary school will help you get there.

Culinary School

The Challenge of Starting Your Career Without Training

While it is possible to start working in a kitchen without any formal training, you will have a harder time advancing in your career. When training with us, we ensure that all our students have a one-up in the industry and can step into more advanced environments well-equipped enough to handle challenges and leave their mark with confidence. We emphasise practical training and give you a firm foundation in everything from basic kitchen skills to advanced cooking techniques.

Train Under the Best and Set Yourself Up for Success

Studying with CTIA means you can receive both national and international accreditation, putting you on par with global standards and giving you the tools to pursue what you really want to do.

Your #cheflife starts here – so get in touch and enrol in our unparalleled culinary school today.

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