Fast Track an Exciting Career with an International Pastry Qualification from CTIA

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Got your hopes and dreams set on a career where you are surrounded by crème brûlée, petit fours and croissants all day? Or maybe you are a professional looking to give your career a quick boost? Either way, if you’re looking to launch a sweet career that can land you a job as a pastry chef at a world-class restaurant, hotel, or on a superyacht somewhere in the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean, there’s only one way to get there: You need an internationally recognised pastry qualification from Chefs Training & Innovation Academy.

Accredited Internationally as a Culinary Academy of Excellence

Celebrating over a decade of Excellence, Chefs Training & Innovation Academy is the leading internationally accredited Culinary Academy of Excellence in South Africa, with campuses in Centurion, Durban, Stellenbosch, and Nelspruit. As an elite and influential Culinary Arts Academy, CTIA offers an academic platform where students transform into industry-ready professionals.

The title of a pastry chef or pâtissier is a great honour, and as one of the most skilled and in-demand chefs, a pâtissier can work anywhere they lay down their scale and measuring spoons, especially with a City & Guilds international pastry qualification from CTIA. Drawing from the rich pastry training and baking traditions of Austria, America, France, Italy and Switzerland, our 12-month International Pastry Qualification teaches all the essential skills and techniques required for a career as a successful pastry chef or pâtissier, or more.

CTIA Alumni get the best Training, Internships and Jobs—Local and Abroad

With over 10-years of Excellence, and with exclusive partnerships with B.H.M.S. in Switzerland, Placement International (head office in New York), and the NH Hotel Group in Europe – our internationally recognised City & Guilds qualifications ensure that every one of our students gets the best training, internships in Europe, and local and international jobs. Today, CTIA alumni are reaping the benefits of their CTIA placement training and work in all corners of the world.

Pâtissier to Entrepreneur to Food Vlogger or Stylist

An international pastry qualification doesn’t have to mean a career stuck in a kitchen with a wooden spoon and a whisk. At CTIA, our advanced diploma also covers presentation, marketing, customer relationships, and business and management skills. Once you’ve earned your qualification, you will have the right skill set to even enter the world of food media. With an international pastry qualification, your career options are not only exciting, but they are many.

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