Fulfil Your Dream of Becoming a Pâtissier with Our Professional Baking Courses

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Most people who enter the food preparation industry do so with a preference for either cookery or baking. The two crafts both involve following complex recipes, balancing flavours, and creative plating. In cooking, however, there is a little more room for ingredient substitutions and intuitive improvisations in more casual settings.

Baking, like chemistry, requires absolute precision if a desirable result is to be achieved. Becoming a successful professional pâtissier is therefore far more achievable with the right training behind one’s name. If you are seeking superb baking courses to get you on the right track, then we at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy can help.

Full-time Courses

Enrolling in our full-time baking courses offers students an integrative, practical learning environment. Students attend these classes Monday to Friday (or as determined by the curriculum) and will be required to do practical work during some evenings and weekends. Segments of our theory modules will also need to be completed through our online platform, Moodle.ctia. We currently have two programmes that include baking modules, which are:

  • Professional Culinary Arts and Pastry Programme Combined: This course focuses on holistic culinary training and equips students with both fundamental and advanced knowledge on both cooking and baking. This course is favoured by many students because not only does it cover essential pâtisserie and confectionery skills required in the industry, but delves deep into the intricacies of food preparation and cooking techniques, as well as how to work with a wide range of ingredients. This course is an 18-month programme, including placement, and consists of three semesters in which world-class culinary training is provided to students.
  • Professional Pastry Programme: On completion of this course, students will receive a City & Guilds Diploma in Pâtisserie. This course is designed with maximised opportunities for practical training in order to prepare students for the technical and creative challenges they will meet in this industry. It is a 12-month programme that offers hands-on learning and covers an extensive range of topics, from an introduction to pâtisserie to essential kitchen organisation skills.

For students unable to study full-time, we also offer part-time courses, which include one evening practical class per week for culinary programmes. There is also an E-learning Professional Pastry Programme with theory and practical components that can be done from the comfort of your own home. If you are passionate about the ins and outs of pâtisserie, then contact us via our online contact form to enrol in one of our esteemed programmes.

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