How to Enrol into Professional Chef Courses

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

All About Our Chef Courses and How to Enrol with Us

Those who study the culinary arts know how much work it takes to master the skills and knowledge required to work in a kitchen. They also know how exciting, fulfilling, and fun it is to dive into one’s passion and turn it into a career. If you are someone with a love for all things food – the creating, the plating, and the appetite sating – then our chef courses are right up your alley.

Foundation Programme in Professional Cookery

If you have just left school, or if you have been working in the industry without formal qualifications for a while, Chef Coursesthen this programme is perfect for you. It covers the key elements of food preparation and culinary services while giving students the opportunity for further training through an entry-level qualification.

Professional Culinary Arts Programme

Out of our various courses, this is the programme that will provide that first step in your pursuit of becoming a professional chef. It lays down an advanced foundation and qualifies students as kitchen hands and cooks. It is a dual national (QCTO) and international (City & Guilds) qualification, which means it can be used in South Africa and abroad.

Professional Pastry Programme

If you are seeking courses that give you an extensive culinary foundation while specialising in pâtisserie, look no further. The Professional Pastry Programme covers essential kitchen skills and techniques in the first semester and then focuses on in-depth pastry training in the second semester. This is a well-rounded course for school-leavers or professionals looking to change careers.

Culinary Arts and Pâtisserie Programme Combined

This qualification is another one of our chef courses that offer national and international accreditation. Over a period of 18 months (three semesters), you will learn all about the essential ins and outs of the hospitality and catering industry. It is an extensive two-in-one programme that equips students with advanced theoretical and practical training in food preparation and pastry-making.

Occupational Certificate: Chef

If your dream is to one day become a head or sous chef, then the right qualification will get you there. Our Occupational Certificate: Chef takes place over 36 months and even includes industry placement. After their third year, students will qualify as professional chefs and can step into any professional culinary environment with confidence. From advanced food preparation skills to financial management and resource management, this course does it all.

How to Enrol with Us

If you would like to apply with our stellar culinary training institution and start your career off on the right path, be sure to contact us today for more information.

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