Is CTIA the Right Institution for You? Find Out at Our Next Shadow Day

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

School-leavers are usually under immense pressure to make quick decisions about what their after-school careers should entail. For many young students, it is incredibly daunting to decide what their future should revolve around and where they should specialise. For young, passionate individuals with a love for all things cuisine, however, becoming a chef or diving into the food preparation industry can be incredibly fulfilling and meaningful. This is why we at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy invite learners to attend our next scheduled Shadow Day. Here, they can find out more about what it is we have to offer and how this might fit into their dreams of becoming a culinary professional.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Take a look at some of the most famous restaurants, fine dining establishments, and cuisine brands in the world and you will realise that chefs involved with these businesses are key contributors to their success. Chefs and culinary professionals play a pivotal role in transforming and improving the enterprises they enter, and it takes more than talent alone to reach this level of success. Before enrolling with a chef’s training academy and signing up for a course you are determined to ace, there are a few key traits you must commit to developing, such as:

  • Creativity: Creativity is not a limited resource that runs out when used too much – it needs to be developed and nurtured to grow. This means, as a culinary student, you will need to consistently think outside of the box and find innovative ways to fuse the science and art behind food-making. As much as your carefully constructed dish is about flavour, it is also about presentation and pizzazz.
  • Teamwork: No chef is a lone wolf – a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork are required to work towards a shared goal in the kitchen. This means that you will need to develop strong interpersonal skills and learn how to work well within a multi-cultural environment.
  • Stress Management: Kitchens are fast-paced environments that keep everyone on their toes. This means that you will encounter some pressure and keeping a cool head is essential. Fortunately, as your skill and speed in the kitchen increases, your stress will decrease.

If you are fascinated by the colourful world of cuisine and enjoy proving yourself in the kitchen, then our next Shadow Day is ideal for you. Here, you will learn what we at CTIA can offer you in terms of training and whether or not you would enjoy our courses.

Be sure to contact us for dates and bookings as space is limited.

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