1. Only students who apply and pay their full deposit on the predeterimed Open Day / Registration Day will be eligible to receive a laptop.

2. Payment of the full deposit has to be done by 5pm on the predetermined day.

3. Only students who have enrolled for full-time courses of 12 months and longer will be able to access this laptop promotion.

4. The laptop is not redeemable for cash.

5. The laptop that will be provided is selected by CTIA and will be a specific brand and model. Students don’t have the option to choose a laptop other than the one that CTIA has selected.

6. CTIA is not responsible for any loss, damage or maintenance of the laptop after it has been provided to students.

7. CTIA is will not pay for any subscriptions, applications or software after the laptops have been provided to students. These will be for the student’s own account.

8. Laptop will be issued to the student during his / her first week on Campus.

9. Student will be liable to register the laptop for any guarantees, etc.

10. Student will be liable for any programme packages to be loaded onto the laptop.

11. Any change in course after the laptop has been received, will make the offer invalid and repayable.