Looking for the Best Culinary Schools in Cape Town?

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

If you are longing to fulfil your dream of being a chef or yearning to be immersed in the culinary world’s delights, then Cape Town is the place to be. Not only does the Mother City pride itself on fantastic retail eateries, one of the best culinary schools in Cape Town is nestled in the scenic splendour of Stellenbosch-a short drive from the coastal regions on all sides. Stellenbosch is the reputed picturesque heart of the Cape Winelands, and sports bespoke eateries of its own. As such, there is no better place to begin training as a pro chef.

It might be that you are indulging a desire to simply perform better in your home kitchen, or you might fantasise about being the lynchpin at an internationally renowned eatery. Either way, Chefs Training & Innovation Academy’s Stellenbosch campus will exceed your expectations on all fronts. Although you can easily begin training as a chef with us online, many prefer a dedicated stint on the premises. Either way, cut your chops as a professional chef at one of the finest culinary schools in Cape Town by any standards.

A Life of Food Starts Right Here

At the Western Cape CTIA campus, students will find a bespoke facility geared to take you as far as you want to go as a chef, and that’s no exaggeration. With many of our alumni going on to live the foodie life of their dreams all over the world, we’ve designed the premises to give you the best possible grounding in the culinary arts. Students can access two large, modern kitchens for practical work, and two theory classrooms as well.

Since it is relatively pokey, Stellenbosch can easily be traversed on foot in a few minutes, which allows for students’ whole experience to be focused on the culinary arts, undiluted by the bright lights of the big city. A student town boasting a hale institution in the form of Stellenbosch University, there are several accommodation options for our visiting students and, whether winter or summer, the atmosphere always inspires the best performance in those seeking to develop their talents in the kitchen. We all know that schools gain a reputation for excellence for a reason, and CTIA is in the top echelon of culinary schools in Cape Town, because of the widely recognised and accredited qualification our students earn.

Valuable Culinary Skills Start with Chefs Training & Innovation Academy

For many of our students, training at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in Cape Town, in such a beautiful town as Stellenbosch, becomes one of the best experiences of their lives. Here at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, we provide world-class training in the kitchen and it shows in the subsequent fortunes of our students, many of whom now dot the globe as respected chefs in very respectable kitchens. Call or mail us so that we can arrange a bespoke training option for you, setting you up to reach your full potential as a chef!

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