Occupational Certificate: Chef

The ultimate pathway to your dream job as a chef

This programme is perfect for…

…anyone who knows the title ‘Chef’ belongs in front of their name. This programme is your ticket to conquering the hospitality industry. Not only will you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to plan, organise and execute food preparation with confidence, but you’ll also be trained in more advanced aspects of chef services, supervision, finances and other organisational requirements.

What to expect

A learning pathway is embedded within this qualification, which allows students to work as a kitchen hand or commis/cook during their first and second year, as a commis/cook during their second year, and then to qualify for working as a chef in their third year.

Need to know

During this programme, students will broaden their overall knowledge of operating successfully within the wider hospitality industry. This programme also unlocks the potential for further career advancement as a Sous Chef and/or Executive Chef.

Programme structure

Semester 1

  • Personal hygiene and workplace standards
  • Quality assurance in safety and food safety
  • Numeracy, units of measurement and computer literacy
  • Environmental awareness
  • Healthier food preparation and dietetics
  • Hospitality and the catering industry
  • Basic ingredients and introduction to kitchen equipment
  • Moist heat methods of cooking
    • Boiling, poaching and steaming
    • Braising and stewing
  • Dry heat methods of cooking
    • Baking, roasting and grilling
    • Deep frying and shallow frying
  • Cold food presentation principles
  • Personal development within hospitality and catering
  • Implement food production processes

Semester 2

  • Menu planning and recipe costing
  • Providing a guest service
  • Theory of food production and commodity resource management
  • Dishes for cold presentation
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing fruit dishes
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing vegetable dishes
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing potato dishes
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing pulses, grains (including rice) and vegetable protein dishes
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing pasta and other fabricated farinaceous starch dishes
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing meat, poultry, game and offal dishes
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing fish and shellfish dishes
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing egg dishes
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing stocks, sauces and soups
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing basic pastry dishes and bakery products
  • Preparing, cooking and finishing basic hot and cold desserts
  • Maintaining food production systems

Semester 3

  • Theory of safety and food safety supervision
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Gastronomy, basic scientific principles, flavour construction and global cuisines
  • Theory of food-production supervision
  • Theory of staff resource management and developing opportunities for progression in the culinary industry
  • Theory of production facility and equipment resource management
  • Operational cost control and menu planning
  • Managing and maintaining resources
  • Implementing and maintaining cost control

Semester 4

  • Workplace integrated learning
  • Trade test

The nitty gritty


36 months


This is a dual national (QCTO) and City & Guilds qualification

Mode of delivery

On-campus training, extensive workplace integrated learning and a trade test

You will graduate with the following certification

  • Occupational Certificate: Chef, NQF5
  • Level 2 Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts (8064-01)
  • Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts and Supervision (8064-06)