Offering International Culinary Qualifications

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

We Offer International Culinary Qualifications for Anyone with Global Aspirations

The food preparation industry all over the world is booming. People love to eat great food and will even travel to countries known for their delectable culinary offerings, such as Italy, France, Japan, and India. It’s a sector that will never slow down, and there will always exist countless career opportunities in cuisine preparation. Students are drawn to the prospects that international culinary qualifications offer because it means they get to see the world and expand their horizons considerably. Our programmes at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy are ideal for anyone looking to master the art of cookery and travel with their talent.

Why Dual Certifications Create Opportunities

The Organising Framework for Occupations has created a revised skills development strategy to which all culinary schools must align themselves. This strategy adheres to international best practices and includes the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). Each of our campuses is individually registered with the QCTO, and our national qualifications are accredited with the QCTO too.

international culinary qualificationsWe also, however, offer several dual-certified courses, which means students receive both a national-level qualification and an international qualification. These qualifications are accredited by City & Guilds, or the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH). City & Guilds is a global organisation based in the United Kingdom, and they are recognised by employers worldwide as the benchmark for workplace excellence. CTH is another United Kingdom-based educational organisation with a mission to enhance careers in the tourism and hospitality industry. Students who have completed a QCTO-accredited Occupational Chef Certificate with us can also further their studies at the Business Hospitality Management School (BHMS) in Switzerland. Our students can even apply for a paid internship at any of the NH Hotels across the globe. Other opportunities include applying for paid internships, management training programmes, and first-time jobs through Placement International.

Have You Considered Working Overseas?

The idea of working in a foreign country may be a little daunting to many, but our industry associations and partnerships make it easier, safer, and feasible. When working overseas, not only will you get to see marvellous sights, absorb interesting cultures, and meet exciting people, but you will gain professional experience that will take you far. By taking on a unique set of challenges, countless opportunities will open before you and put you on the fast track to success.

For culinary qualifications that will provide you with a strong foundation essential to a bright future, be sure to contact us today or learn how to enrol here.

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