Online Courses in Hospitality Management

Dec 6, 2022 | Articles

All About Our Terrific Range of Online Courses in Hospitality Management

The culinary, tourism, and hospitality sectors are intrinsically linked, which is why we offer outstanding online courses in hospitality management. Getting qualified in this field means enjoying tons of exciting career benefits, including stepping into any work environment with confidence. If you enjoy thinking on your feet, serving customers with a smile, and creative problem-solving, then this field is one in which you will rapidly climb the ranks. Our online offerings will ensure you receive accredited, in-depth training that thoroughly prepares you for the thrills and challenges of the industry.

How We Accommodate Online Students with Our Courses in Hospitality

Studying online is a hassle if you don’t do it through the right institution. We at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy aim to take the fuss out of open distance learning by offering an interactive online platform that includes videos, practical training, learning activities, assignments, online classes, and more. This E-learning format breaks online training down into easy-to-digest segments, ensuring that students stay on track and excited about their courses in hospitality management. Our team of lecturers remains supportive every step of the way, so online students are never left without guidance or help.

Foundation Programme in Tourism and Hospitality

This course offers a strong foundation for younger students new to the industry. Entrants must be at least 16 years of age and must have completed Grade 11. This structured programme covers the essential principles of the tourism and hospitality sectors and is accredited by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH). Graduating offers a CTH Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism, which qualifies you for the Undergraduate Programme in Hospitality Management.

Undergraduate Programme in Hospitality Management

If the managerial aspects of the hospitality industry interest you, this course is what you are seeking. It combines both the practical side of the industry with vital management disciplines needed in leadership roles. The CTH Level 4 Diploma received from this course is equivalent to a first-year bachelor’s degree. The duration of this programme is 12 months and includes two semesters, assignment modules, and examinations.

Online Courses in Hospitality Management

Advanced Programme in Hospitality Management

Students who have attained the prerequisite CTH Level 4 Diploma, a NQF Level 5 Higher Certificate in Hospitality, or prerequisite work experience in the industry can enrol in this programme. This course offers advanced training that will give students a strong advancement when seeking careers in this field. Those who complete the course will receive a CTH Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management.

To apply for any one of our courses in hospitality management and succeed in this fast-growing industry, click here or speak to us today.

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