Online Culinary Classes and E-Learning

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

How Our E-Learning Culinary Classes Are Redefining Online Education

On-campus training has long been the most popular form of studying, but this is rapidly changing in a world that is now technology-centred. The COVID-19 pandemic also prioritised distance learning, as more students opted for remote studies. Unfortunately, there are several ways in which online classes are not for everyone – and this is partly due to institutions offering inadequate training that wastes money and time. We at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy aim to change the virtual learning environment with our outstanding E-learning offerings. While it may seem impossible to receive hands-on, practical culinary training without daily on-campus attendance, we make it happen by adapting to the needs of our students.

What Most Online Training Institutions Get Wrong

People think of distance learning and assume they will be responsible for everything, from being their own teacher to trudging through a challenging curriculum. Some institutions are known for culinary courses that leave students to work entirely on their own, which can be overwhelming and daunting. Not all people work well as independent learners, and without some guidance and class interaction, they may lose motivation for their studies altogether. Online classes that are interactive and supportive are much better at retaining students and guaranteeing their success. Lack of concrete feedback when it is required is another issue. Students do not know whether they are progressing well enough and may feel lost in the dark when assessing what they have learned. This is why individual attention from lecturers and contact with fellow students remains essential, even for those who prefer distance learning.

Pâtisserie TrainingSome students overlook these issues because online classes are often cheaper and flexible enough to cater to their available time. It can also be done anywhere in the world, such as from the comfort of their couch or while on vacation with family. Thankfully, we at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy understand the difficulties involved with remote studies and have taken steps to ensure our online classes are different.

How the CTIA E-Learning Platform Is Different

Our E-learning platform offers so much more than online culinary classes; it is a supportive and involved environment where students feel they are truly part of the CTIA family. We offer various educational sources such as videos and students will also complete learning activities and submit assignments. Our regularly scheduled online classes and live sessions are provided to help students manage their learning material and guide them through their certification. We also prioritise practical training through instructional guides, recipes, and videos. Our open-door policy means students are always welcome to reach out if they need anything.

To find out more about our E-learning culinary courses, have a look here.

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