Our Comprehensive Culinary Courses

Dec 15, 2023 | Articles

Cooking Up Expertise: Elevate Your Skills with Our Comprehensive Culinary Courses

There are many reasons why people with a passion for food should enrol in our top-notch culinary courses. These courses elevate your kitchen skills, boost your culinary expertise, and allow you to flex your newfound knowledge in the kitchen. Whether you hope to become a culinary professional or want to impress family and friends, culinary courses are a fantastic way to elevate your cooking game.

CTIA Culinary Courses 

At CTIA, we have several options for budding foodies. Those who want to enter the hospitality industry and carve out a successful career in food will likely enrol in our full-time culinary diplomas. These programmes are nationally and internationally accredited, making them an ideal solution for those looking to broaden their horizons and gain experience around the world.

We also have a variety of part-time courses which are suited to those needing to navigate their studies around other commitments. These courses run one night a week from 18:00 – 22:00 and options include an 18-month combined culinary arts and pastry programme, a 12-month professional culinary arts programme, and a 6-month foundational programme in professional cooking.

Finally, hobby chefs can enrol in our short course offerings, which include our ‘How To’ baking and cooking series.

Why Enrol in Quality Culinary Courses?

There are many benefits when you choose to invest in yourself and our culinary courses, including:

  • Gaining the necessary technical skills to navigate professional kitchens.
  • Building confidence and expanding your cooking repertoire.
  • Learning how to use a wide range of professional kitchen appliances.
  • Developing a professional network which becomes invaluable after graduation.
  • Gaining access to work-integrated learning opportunities where you work in professional establishments.
  • Learning new skills, building your cooking knowledge, and having fun with friends during our short courses.
  • Gaining a hugely competitive advantage in the hospitality sector.

Everyone can benefit from improving their cooking skills, no matter their cooking level. We’re passionate about creating high-quality learning experiences where students get the chance to develop their culinary skills and grow. With four incredible campuses dotted around South Africa, CTIA is accessible to a wide array of aspiring foodies and we’re always excited to chat with prospective learners about the various options available.

Connect with Us! 

If we’ve piqued your interest, why not get in touch and attend an open day? We will be happy to show you around your chosen campus and discuss our wide range of culinary courses in greater detail. We’re excited to meet you and see you begin your #ChefLife.

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