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Jan 12, 2023 | Articles

Our Culinary Certifications Were Created to Help You Reach Your Dreams

If you have big ideas and even bigger dreams when it comes to your future career as a chef, CTIA offers culinary certifications that will qualify you for them. Perhaps you have matriculated and are seeking a new direction in life, or maybe you are already working in the culinary industry and want to boost your skill set – never fear, we can help.

Become a Chef or Work in the Industry

One of the most common reasons our valued students enrol with us at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy is because they want to become a chef. Working within the food preparation sector is not easy, especially if you don’t have the training to back you up. Our culinary certifications will prepare you for the ins and outs of a fruitful career.

Studying for an Independent Career

The culinary arts are a broad field. There is more to mastering food preparation than working in restaurants and hotels. Perhaps your gut is leading you to places unexplored, like becoming a foodie content creator on social media, writing your own recipes, blogs, and cookbooks, or just travelling the world as an online cuisine influencer. Our culinary certifications will give you the right foundation when it comes to understanding the beautiful world of food and managing your brand.

Bolster Your Current Career Prospects

Do you currently work in a kitchen? Perhaps you have a passion for food but feel you have hit a glass ceiling, unable to advance in your career. We offer part-time and online courses to help you refresh and refine your skills, giving you a significantly better shot at success. This means you can get qualified with programmes that are flexible enough to accommodate your work schedule.

Start Your Own Business

Want to start a personal chef business, begin a catering company, or sell delicious pastries and baked goods? We offer short cooking and baking courses to get you started and ground you in the fundamentals of great food. If you already have a business and want to equip your staff with the right skills and know-how, our short corporate training courses are ideal.

Travel the World with Your Qualifications

Our internationally accredited courses open a world of opportunities not only locally, but in other countries too. If you have always wanted to travel the world or work overseas, our culinary certifications offer global recognition that will take you places.

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