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Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Unique Career Paths to Pursue with Our Culinary Certifications

Some people are enamoured with the culinary arts but do not see themselves cooped up in a kitchen all day. Thankfully, the food and beverage sector is vast, and there is a lot one can do. Top-tier training through an established institution like ours at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy will open doors that lead to far beyond just the kitchen. With our professional culinary certifications, the world truly is your oyster, and your endeavours in this exciting field are far more likely to succeed.

Start Your Own Business

If you’re a go-getter and you know what you want (without the input of a boss), you can start your own business. Open a restaurant, make waves with a corner bakery, or begin your own catering company – the options are endless. Our culinary certifications will train you in not just the art of food but will equip you with essential skills that make running a food business possible.

Become an Online Foodie Influencer

Social media has become a powerful tool for businesses, brands, and influencers who are showcasing their creativity. Creating cuisine-related content in the form of vlogs, blogs, and video channels is an area in which many chefs and culinary specialists find their niche. In this way you can post recipes, create how-to videos, and boast your talent using the power of the internet community.

culinary certificationsA Personal Chef to Elite Clients

Only the best professionals get hired for upmarket events or as private chefs for affluent clients. Not only is this a high-income career, but it offers flexibility and more freedom of innovation. Our culinary certifications will give you the advanced kitchen know-how and confidence when it comes to bespoke services for clients seeking a unique approach to cuisine.

Get Creative with Food Styling

All chefs know that making food taste superb is the main trick but getting it to look appetising is sometimes more of a challenge. Food styling emphasises the visual and artistic side of cuisine. The personal flair and creative eye of the food stylist are used to design dishes that photograph well for the purposes of advertising. These creations are displayed in magazines, books, online blogs, and even television. If you enjoy drawing consumers in with a fresh, tasty, and inviting meal, then food styling is the career for you.

Our culinary certifications are designed to help you flourish in your chosen field – whether you want to be a chef de cuisine or try an out-of-the-box career. To find out more about our offerings, click here or get in touch with us today.

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