Our International Culinary Qualifications

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Our International Culinary Qualifications Are a Stepping-stone to Global Success

Do your future goals include delights such as custard tarts, crème brûlée, and croissants? Perhaps you dream of running your own kitchen, managing a dynamic team, and creating marvellous menus worthy of a five-star restaurant? No matter your culinary ambitions, we at the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy can help you realise them. The best part of enrolling with us is that most of our courses are dual-certified, which means you can receive both a national-level qualification (accredited by QCTO or CATHSSETA) or an international qualification (accredited by City & Guilds or CTH). This allows students to not only follow their dreams in South Africa but abroad too.

About Our International Culinary Qualifications

City & Guilds is a United Kingdom-based educational organisation at the forefront of skills development. Employers all over the world recognise City & Guilds, so having an accredited qualification from this organisation is enough to get your foot in the right doors. They continually update their global qualifications to ensure that advanced standards are maintained, keeping the industry moving forward. Students, therefore, achieve the competencies and skills required by international employers. The Chefs Training & Innovation Academy has partnered with both City & Guilds as well as the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) to provide students with accredited international culinary qualifications.

International Culinary QualificationsCTIA also has a membership with the South African Chefs Association (SACA), which is endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies. Training institutions in association with these bodies are recognised for a high calibre of culinary education. We at CTIA also have an exclusive agreement with the global NH Hotel Group, and students can apply for a paid internship at any of their international hotels. Students who wish to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the culinary arts can enrol in the programme in partnership with the Business & Hospitality Management School in Switzerland.

There Is No Limit to Your Future Success

Our qualifications pave the way to a shining future – no matter your aspirations. With our support, industry expertise, and carefully developed curricula, you will feel prepared to take on any challenge because you’ll know the world is your oyster. Countless CTIA students have gone on to have blossoming careers in the food preparation sector and fine dining establishments across the world.

If you are interested in our international culinary qualifications and finally making those exciting dreams a reality, apply with us here by filling out your details.

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