Our Professional Culinary Courses

Sep 14, 2022 | Articles

Our Professional Culinary Courses Prepare You for a Bright Career

There is a big difference between a job and a career. A job is usually a single vacancy you fill to make money. If something that offers more money comes along, then you can simply switch to it to earn more. A career, on the other hand, is about fulfilment, not just money. Advancing your career means that everything is done with foresight and a goal in mind. It’s a long-term endeavour and your line of work is the sum of your achievements over time. Having a meaningful career is essential for many people who have dreams of making a difference in the world through their hard work. At the Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, our professional culinary courses prepare students for a successful career. We empower their employability and ensure they can land the opportunities of their dreams.

We Know How Vast the Industry Is

Having worked in the food preparation and hospitality industry for years, we know just how broad your horizons are. There are endless opportunities for growth, self-starting endeavours, and venturing down new paths. Whether you want to work in a five-star restaurant, hotel, on a cruise ship, or become a food blogger or cuisine journalist, we can help you. Our professional culinary courses have been developed to prepare you for a wide array of prospective opportunities and the career in which you are most interested.

You Are Up to Date with Us

Many students do not realise how fast-paced the world of food preparation is. Things are constantly evolving, and if you aren’t keeping up with advancements, you will be left behind. We stay abreast of these rapid changes and industry trends. As industry requirements, both local and international, start to change, we ensure that our programmes and curricula reflect these changes. This means that studying one of our professional culinary courses guarantees your training is relevant and will take you far.

hospitality managementWe Prioritise Practical Training

To make it in the food preparation sector, one needs much more than theory alone. Our professional culinary courses leave enough room for advanced, hands-on practical training. We have various industry partners with whom we have developed strong ties. Students placed with these partners for practical work gain invaluable experience that prepares them for a real-world career. This practical work gives our students an edge and the confidence of knowing they can handle any kitchen.

Our world-class culinary courses don’t just focus on food preparation, either. With us, you can expect to learn hospitality skills, human resource skills, and how to manage and market yourself as an independent professional. For more on our full-time, part-time, and E-learning culinary courses, click here.

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