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Mar 29, 2023 | Articles

10 Quick Facts to Know About Our School for Culinary Arts

If you are on the hunt for a top-notch school for culinary arts, CTIA is the place to be! Here are 10 fast facts to know about our outstanding institution.

Culinary School

  1. Our School for Culinary Arts Offers World-class Training

Our highly experienced team has created exceptional curricula that match only the best international standards. When studying on one of our campuses, you’ll find yourself among the culinary elite.

  1. Our Courses Boast Outstanding Accreditations

With various accreditations backing our courses, you are given a career head start – whether you want to work in South Africa or take your expertise overseas. We offer superb programmes that are both nationally and internationally accredited.

  1. Access to Industry-standard Training Facilities

We provide our students with state-of-the-art training facilities and equipment to ensure that when learning about advanced cooking techniques, they already have all the tools needed to succeed.

  1. We Even Offer Specialised Training Programmes

Though we will certainly cover the fundamentals of being a chef, those who want to specialise in areas such as pâtisserie will enjoy our carefully curated courses that cater to their interest.

  1. We Focus on Both Theory and Practical Training

Our school for culinary arts understands the need for a hands-on approach during training. We, therefore, give students the chance to apply what they have learned in real commercial kitchens.

  1. Rub Shoulders with Experienced Leaders in the Industry

Studying with CTIA means learning from the best in the business. Students will learn from lecturers and mentors who know the ins and outs of the field, giving them a marvellous professional advantage.

  1. We Offer Part-time and Online Courses

If you cannot study full-time for any reason, we offer a full range of part-time and even online courses through our Moodle platform. In this way, our inclusive school for culinary arts can accommodate your current availability.

  1. We’re Here to Offer Career Support and Development

Our support doesn’t end with you graduating – it extends far beyond. We set our students up for success by offering various opportunities like industry placements to give them a better shot at post-graduate employment.

  1. An Emphasis on Both Personal and Professional Growth

We see our students as more than just prospective chefs. They are world changers and leaders of tomorrow, and our well-rounded courses dive into so much more than just culinary skills.

  1. CTIA Will Further Spark Your Passion for Food

We aim to instil in our students a lifelong love for learning and food. We’re here to support, inspire, and guide you to success.

To learn more about our school for culinary arts or any of our courses, speak to a friendly student consultant here.

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