Patisserie Training at CTIA

May 29, 2023 | Articles

Patisserie Training at Chef Training and Innovation Academy

Patisserie training is a hugely rewarding field of study. Those looking to become professional pastry chefs should be equipped with a wide range of patisserie knowledge as well as incredible stamina and endurance. The world of pastry cheffing is undoubtedly not an easy feat and requires excellent attention to detail, impeccable time management, the ability to work well under pressure, and a thorough grasp of mise en place, where all ingredients are correctly prepared before dishes are made. They say that the failure to plan is planning to fail, and this could be no truer than when it comes to the intricate world of pastry.

Here at CTIA, we offer several exciting programmes for those wanting to delve into the world of pastry. If you wish to enrol in a full-time, internationally accredited chef qualification or simply improve your home baking game, we have many options available.

Enjoyable Baking Courses

Patisserie Training Options at CTIA

Chef Training and Innovation Academy has several options available for those looking to expand their pastry repertoire.

  • Full-time patisserie training: Should you wish to enrol in full-time chef and patisserie training, you can enrol in our full-time, 3-year occupational chef certificate, which includes a diploma in patisserie. The third semester covers a wide range of patisserie skills, including baking and finishing cakes, preparing and finishing various pastry products, dough products, hot and cold desserts, and chocolate products. The qualification also includes real-world, integrated learning where students get the opportunity to put their skills to the test in a professional kitchen.
  • Part-time courses: We also have several part-time options available for those looking to expand their patisserie knowledge. Options include our 12-month Professional Pastry Programme and 18-month combined Culinary Arts and Pastry Programme.
  • Short-course offerings: We have several baking short courses for foodies who want to up their pastry game. Our how-to baking series covers many topics, such as cake baking, cake décor, iced biscuits, macaroons, artisanal bread, and deconstructed plated desserts such as tiramisu and lemon meringue pie. This is an excellent series if you want to impress your guests and expand your culinary skillset.

Get in Touch With Us

If you want to take your patisserie training to the next level, chat with our experts and visit your nearest campus. We will gladly answer any questions and give you a tour of our facilities. With campuses in Stellenbosch, Centurion, Durban, and Mbombela, we are accessible to an extensive array of students across the country who want to kickstart their culinary careers.

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