Patisserie Training Subject Areas

Jan 29, 2024 | Articles

Mastering Patisserie Training: Skills and Techniques You’ll Learn at CTIA

Patisserie training offers aspiring culinary professionals the opportunity to gain a solid foundation in the pastry world. Whether you have hopes of starting your own bakery one day, want to become a pastry chef in a top global kitchen, or dream of starting a side hustle charming clients with an array of sweet and savoury delights, patisserie training is your ticket to a dynamic and vibrant career.

At Chefs Training & Innovation Academy, we’re passionate about high-quality education and strive to give all students a solid foundation in both technical skills and industry knowledge. Below, we’ll explore some of our top subject areas and courses in patisserie training.

Patisserie Training Subject Areas and Courses

When it comes to patisserie training options, we have several exciting options for students to explore. Offerings include a 12-month, full-time Pastry Qualification and a 3-year City & Guilds Chef Qualification with a Patisserie Diploma. We also offer part-time programmes, including a 12-month Culinary Arts and Pastry Programme and a 12-month Professional Pastry Programme. Subject areas include the following:

  • Recipe costing and menu planning.
  • The art of guest service.
  • Prepping, cooking, and finishing cakes, sponge products, biscuits.
  • Prepping, cooking, and finishing pastry and dough products.
  • Hot desserts.
  • Cold desserts.
  • Prepping and finishing chocolate products.

Students will also learn how to creatively decorate baked goods using a range of technical skills and tools, ensuring that all their pastry products are finished with aesthetics in mind. Those not looking to enrol in an official programme might also enjoy our shorter How-To baking series. This is ideal for home chefs and those who want to elevate their culinary repertoire and impress their guests.

Why Choose CTIA? 

There are many exciting reasons to kickstart your career at Chefs Training & Innovation Academy. Programmes are run by leading industry experts with a wealth of knowledge in the culinary sector. Our four campuses, located in Durban, Mbombela, Centurion, and Stellenbosch, offer students world-class facilities and tuition. Each campus is also located in a central hub, making it a perfect spot for those who want to explore the local food scene and gain some real-world experience during our integrated learning opportunities. For more information on our various patisserie training options, including full-time programmes and shorter courses, reach out to us and book an open day at your campus of choice.

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